Join us as we recap the special events on this important conservation holiday!

 Preparing for the Celebration

4:00 a.m. – The day started very early for all of us at Proyecto Tití. We left Barranquilla sipping on a cup of hot Colombian coffee (the best!). Our destination was Santa Catalina, the generous community hosting the 8th Day of the Cotton-top Tamarin Celebration!

7:00 a.m. – When we arrived in Santa Catalina, the Proyecto Tití staff spread out like an army of little ants. The team worked together quickly to coordinate the final touches for what turned out to be such an amazing day!

The Celebration Begins

9:00 a.m. – To kick off the Day of the Cotton-Top Tamarin we sang Colombia’s national anthem and welcomed our friends and partners of the local communities.  We also announced two new protected areas for cotton-tops, Ceibal and Rosales.




IMG_4651IMG_4660 IMG_4648 IMG_4647

Special Performance

9:30 a.m. – Santa Catalina students started the show with a lively musical about making a difference in our natural world. They encouraged us all to recycle, pick up trash and keep our rivers and forests clean for cotton-tops and humans!

 Recycled Runway

10:00 a.m. – The morning festivities stayed vibrant and exciting with one of our favorites, the recycled costume contest. The kids are so creative and resourceful! María Fernanda Contrera won first prize for her wonderful dress made out of egg cartons and newspaper.


IMG_4670 Crowning the Queen

11:00 a.m. – The Queen of the Cotton-top Tamarin contest is a favorite among the teenagers. They look forward to it every year! Angie Marsiglia dazzled the audience with her beautiful smile, colorful dress, and impressive monologue. Angie convinced judges she would be the best community ambassador for cotton-top conservation and was crowned our 2014-2015 queen.


Dance, folklore, live music, puppet shows, great food and a very tasty cake, kept us entertained throughout the day!

IMG_4745 IMG_4782

Challenging Games

12:00 p.m. – As we moved into the afternoon, we started our first set of challenges.  Eco-Mochila and plush-toy artisans were given a 30-minute challenge to recreate the amazing biodiversity in the forests of Ceibal and Rosales. This helped remind us of all the living beings who share a home with cotton-top tamarins. It’s incredible what they created!

IMG_4819 IMG_4818

1:00 p.m. – The Titi-Challenge, tested participants on their knowledge of cotton-top tamarin conservation. The winners, Geraldine, Stewart, Heiner and Yorledis, are proud sons and daughters of our Eco-Mochila artisans in Los Límites.

IMG_4837 IMG_4857


The Cup

3:00 p.m. – The day came to a close with Titi’s Soccer Cup.  Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Tití Soccer Cup: the men’s team of Pendales and the women’s team of Los Límites!

IMG_4917 IMG_4929


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